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A Vision for the “Next Generation” Community Behavioral Health Center

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All too often, behavioral health is viewed as a secondary health care segment, incorrectly perceived as ancillary to larger health care quality outcomes and measures. The nonprofit community behavioral health sector is encumbered by these perceptions, struggling to stake its claim as a valid contributor to the business and health care communities.

Yet, as part of a larger system dedicated to the integration of health care (and, therefore part of the solution in improving health care outcomes, reducing runaway costs and bringing greater efficiencies), the next generation behavioral health providers should find these perceptions changing.

Next generation providers are evolving and adjusting to the various demands in the marketplace, to be poised for the future. We are already witnessing the behavioral health community, as a collective, heeding the call, retooling and making investments that position them to leverage the opportunities that lie ahead.

Evans, Patrick


Sound Mental Health

Behavioral Health

October 10, 2016

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