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Will we ever know if our $3 trillion annual health care investment is improving health? Lansky, David Landsky 
Why We Must Care About Medicare Garner, Craig B.  
Whither TrumpCare Nelson, Harry  
What Providers Need to Know: Determining “Reasonable Value” for Future Medical Costs Adams, Paul  
U.S. Office for Civil Rights to step up investigations of small HIPAA breaches Cooper, Esq., Richard S.  
U.S. Office for Civil Rights Announces $400 Million Settlement Against Large Health System Cooper, Esq., Richard S.  
Time to Refine Your BAA - Don't Follow the Flock! Young, Rachel  
The Upside to Broken Garner, Craig  
The Physician Dilemma: Private Practice or Hospital Employee? Krizanic, Sarah  
The Changing Role of Advanced Practice Nurses Carter, Kelly  
The Broadening Definition of Elder Abuse Cohn, Jonathon E. Arent Fox LLP  Chang Lee,
Telemedicine: Ready or not Here it Comes Lamar, Cindy  
Study Finds 65% of Patient Responders Interested in Seeing Their PCP Over Video Lamar, Cindy  
Social Media in Healthcare Krizanic, Sarah  
Risks to Hospital Employees Due to EMTALA Requirements Haydel Gehrke, Michele Jackson,  Garrett