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Ami Cole, President, Molina Healthcare of Ohio

Improving Maternal and Infant Care One Home at a Time

By Ami Cole
Molina Healthcare of Ohio

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Original Publish Date: May 8, 2018

New mothers have a lot to think about, but for Molina Healthcare Medicaid members in Ohio, we are making life a little bit easier. Molina is now offering in-home post-partum visits to Medicaid members in several regions, with plans to expand the program across the state. The US has a surprisingly high maternal mortality rate – one of the highest in the developed world – and we hope to make it easier for women to access care in the weeks and months after giving birth in an effort to help improve this troubling statistic.

Molina’s in-home visits are made by nurse practitioners trained to provide medical and psychological assessments of maternal health, and the providers also offer health education and community referrals as needed. The visiting providers go on to coordinate with each member’s primary care physician to ensure continuity of care. Early results of similar Molina programs in other states have shown a 15% increase in quality performance for post-partum measures.

While the care women receive post-partum is extremely important and often overlooked by families distracted by their new bundle of joy, we also focus on the importance of prenatal care. We offer moms extra help with our Motherhood Matters program and/or support of community partners to remove socioeconomic barriers that may exist in attempts to access prenatal care and reward them for positive choices through our Pregnancy Rewards program. We also partner closely with doctors, nurses and hospitals serving high-risk communities to ensure pregnant members are receiving timely prenatal care, and progesterone therapy when it’s determined likely to help a mother achieve a full-term pregnancy.

Another valuable benefit to the in-home post-partum visits is that it is a great opportunity to remind new parents about the importance of infants getting all of their well child visits. The nurse practitioners doing the post-partum visits are able to remind Molina members about the timing of these appointments and about the Molina Pregnancy Rewards program that includes a $100 gift card incentive for completing all six well-child visits in the first 15 months of a baby’s life. All of this directly supports the widespread efforts happening across Ohio to reduce our infant mortality rate.

As always, partnering with community-based organizations, social services and our provider network is critical to making these efforts successful. We can’t do it alone and Molina looks forward to continuing to implement effective measures with our partners to help dads and moms in Ohio have a memorable first year with their new baby.

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